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bookjacketAcademic Instincts.
M. Garber.

The Suppliants.
Aeschylus; P. Burian, trans.

bookjacketAesopic Conversations:
Popular Tradition, Cultural Dialogue, and the Invention of Greek Prose.
L. Kurke.

bookjacketThe Aesthetics of Mimesis:
Ancient Texts and Modern Problems.
S. Halliwell.

bookjacketThe Aesthetics of the Greek Banquet:
Images of Wine and Ritual.
F. Lissarrague; A. Szegdy-Maszak, trans.

bookjacketThe Age of Grace:
Charis in Early Greek Poetry.
B. MacLachlan.

The Heretic King.
D.B. Redford.

bookjacketAlexander the Great and His Empire:
A Short Introduction.
P. Briant; A. Kuhrt, trans.

bookjacketThe Amazons:
Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World.
A. Mayor.

bookjacketAncient Greek Novels:
The Fragments: Introduction, Text, Translation, and Commentary.
S.A. Stephens and J.J. Winkler, eds.

bookjacketThe Ancient Mariners:
Seafarers and Sea Fighters of the Mediterranean in Ancient Times. (Second Edition).
L. Casson.

bookjacketThe Ancient Quarrel Between Poetry and Philosophy.
T. Gould.

bookjacketAncient Wine:
The Search for the Origins of Viniculture.
P.E. McGovern.

E.J. Dijksterhuis.

bookjacketArion's Lyre:
Archaic Lyric into Hellenistic Poetry.
B. Acosta-Hughes.

His Life and School.
C. Natali; D.S. Hutchinson, ed.

blankjacketAristotle on Substance:
The Paradox of Unity.
M.L. Gill.

blankjacketAristotle on the Human Good.
R. Kraut.

bookjacketAristotle's De Motu Animalium.
M.C. Nussbaum.

bookjacketAristotle's Ethics:
Writings from the Complete Works.

bookjacketArt Forms and Civic Life in the Late Roman Empire.
H.P. L'Orange.

bookjacketThe Artistry of Aeschylus and Zeami:
A Comparative Study of Greek Tragedy and No.
M.J. Smethurst.

bookjacketAthenian Economy and Society:
A Banking Perspective.
E. Cohen.

bookjacketAthenian Legacies:
Essays on the Politics of Going On Together.
J. Ober.

bookjacketThe Athenian Nation.
E. Cohen.

blankjacketThe Athenian Revolution:
Essays on Ancient Greek Democracy and Political Theory.
J. Ober.

bookjacketAthens on Trial:
The Antidemocratic Tradition in Western Thought.
J.T. Roberts.

bookjacketAugustan Culture:
An Interpretive Introduction.
K. Galinsky.

bookjacketAugustine's Confessions:
A Biography.
G. Wills.

blankjacketBarbarians and Romans, A.D. 418-584:
The Techniques of Accommodation.
W.A. Goffart; C. Erdmann, ed.

bookjacketThe Barbarians Speak:
How the Conquered Peoples Shaped Roman Europe.
P.S. Wells.

bookjacketBarrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World.
R.J.A. Talbert, ed.

blankjacketBarrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World for iPad.
R.J.A. Talbert, ed.

bookjacketBefore Sexuality:
The Construction of Erotic Experience in the Ancient Greek World.
F.I. Zeitlin, J.J. Winkler, et al., eds.

blankjacketThe Birth of Hedonism:
The Cyrenaic Philosophers and Pleasure as a Way of Life.
K. Lampe.

bookjacketBirth of the Symbol:
Ancient Readers at the Limits of Their Texts.
P.T. Struck.

bookjacketCacus and Marsyas in Etrusco-Roman Legend. (PMAA-44).
J.P. Small.

bookjacketThe Cattle of the Sun:
Cows and Culture in the World of the Ancient Greeks.
J. McInerney.

bookjacketCavafy's Alexandria.
E. Keeley.

bookjacketChapman's Homer:
The Odyssey.
Homer; A. Nicoll, ed. G. Chapman, trans.

bookjacketChapman's Homer:
The Iliad.
Homer; A. Nicoll, ed. G. Chapman, trans.

bookjacketChapman's Homeric Hymns and Other Homerica.
Homer; G. Chapman, trans.

blankjacketThe Children of Athena:
Athenian Ideas about Citizenship and the Division between the Sexes.
N. Loraux; C. Levine, trans.

Pindar and Dance.
W. Mullen.

bookjacketCities and Cemeteries of Etruria.
G. Dennis; P. Hemphill, ed.

bookjacketCity of the Ram-Man:
The Story of Ancient Mendes.
D.B. Redford.

bookjacketCivilizations of Ancient Iraq.
B.R. Foster and K.P. Foster.

bookjacketClassical Pasts:
The Classical Traditions of Greece and Rome.
J.I. Porter, ed.

bookjacketCoins, Bodies, Games, and Gold:
The Politics of Meaning in Archaic Greece.
L. Kurke.

bookjacketThe Collected Dialogues of Plato.
Plato; E. Hamilton and H. Cairns, eds. L. Cooper, trans.

bookjacketThe Coming of the Greeks:
Indo-European Conquests in the Aegean and the Near East.
R. Drews.

bookjacketThe Complete Elegies of Sextus Propertius.
Propertius; V. Katz, trans.

bookjacketThe Complete Odes and Satires of Horace.
Horace; S. Alexander, ed. and trans.

blankjacketThe Complete Works of Aristotle:
The Revised Oxford Translation, One-Volume Digital Edition.
Aristotle; J. Barnes, ed.

bookjacketCorrupting Youth:
Political Education, Democratic Culture, and Political Theory.
J.P. Euben.

bookjacketDaidalos and the Origins of Greek Art.
S.P. Morris.

bookjacketDeath and the Optimistic Prophecy in Vergil's AENEID.
J.J. O'Hara.

bookjacketDeath to Tyrants!
Ancient Greek Democracy and the Struggle against Tyranny.
D. Teegarden.

bookjacketDecoding the Ancient Novel:
The Reader and the Role of Description in Heliodorus and Achilles Tatius.
S. Bartsch.

A History of the Center of the Ancient World.
M. Scott.

bookjacketThe Demes of Attica, 508/7 -ca. 250 B.C.:
A Political and Social Study.
D. Whitehead.

bookjacketDemocracy and Knowledge:
Innovation and Learning in Classical Athens.
J. Ober.

A Conversation on Democracies, Ancient and Modern.
J. Ober and C. Hedrick, eds.

bookjacketThe Dialectic of Essence:
A Study of Plato's Metaphysics.
A. Silverman.

bookjacketDining Posture in Ancient Rome:
Bodies, Values, and Status.
M.B. Roller.

bookjacketDiodorus Siculus and the First Century.
K.S. Sacks.

bookjacketDionysiac Poetics and Euripides' Bacchae.
C. Segal.

Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life.
C. Kerényi; R. Manheim, trans.

bookjacketThe Discovery of Things:
Aristotle's Categories and Their Context.
W. Mann.

bookjacketDreams in Late Antiquity:
Studies in the Imagination of a Culture.
P.C. Miller.

bookjacketEarly Christian Books in Egypt.
R.S. Bagnall.

blankjacketThe Early Greek Concept of the Soul.
J. Bremmer.

bookjacketEconomy of the Unlost:
(Reading Simonides of Keos with Paul Celan).
A. Carson.

What the Ancients Can Teach Us about Ethics, Virtue, and Sustainable Living.
M. Lane.

bookjacketEdge of Empires:
Pagans, Jews, and Christians at Roman Dura-Europos.
J.Y. Chi and S. Heath, eds.

blankjacketThe Edges of the Earth in Ancient Thought:
Geography, Exploration, and Fiction.
J.S. Romm.

bookjacketEgypt in Late Antiquity.
R.S. Bagnall.

blankjacketThe Egyptian Hermes:
A Historical Approach to the Late Pagan Mind.
G. Fowden.

Archetypal Image of Mother and Daughter.
C. Kerényi; R. Manheim, trans.

blankjacketEmpire to Commonwealth:
Consequences of Monotheism in Late Antiquity.
G. Fowden.

bookjacketEmpires of the Silk Road:
A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present.
C.I. Beckwith.

bookjacketThe Encyclopedia of Ancient Egyptian Architecture.
D. Arnold and D. Arnold and

bookjacketThe End of the Bronze Age:
Changes in Warfare and the Catastrophe ca. 1200 B.C.
R. Drews.

bookjacketThe Enneads of Plotinus:
A Commentary, Volume 1.
P. Kalligas.

blankjacketEpic and Empire:
Politics and Generic Form from Virgil to Milton.
D. Quint.

bookjacketEratosthenes' Geography.
Eratosthenes; D.W. Roller, et al., eds. and trans.

bookjacketEros the Bittersweet:
An Essay.
A. Carson.

blankjacketEssays on Aristotle's Poetics.
A.O. Rorty, ed.

bookjacketEssays on Roman Satire.
W.S. Anderson.

bookjacketEuropean Literature and the Latin Middle Ages.
E.R. Curtius.

bookjacketExile, Ostracism, and Democracy:
The Politics of Expulsion in Ancient Greece.
S. Forsdyke.

bookjacketThe Experiences of Tiresias:
The Feminine and the Greek Man.
N. Loraux; P. Wissing, trans.

bookjacketExplaining the Cosmos:
The Ionian Tradition of Scientific Philosophy.
D.W. Graham.

bookjacketThe Face of Nature:
Wit, Narrative, and Cosmic Origins in Ovid's Metamorphoses.
G. Tissol.

bookjacketFathers and Sons in Athens:
Ideology and Society in the Era of the Peloponnesian War.
B.S. Strauss.

bookjacketFemale Acts in Greek Tragedy.
H.P. Foley.

bookjacketFilelfo in Milan:
Writings 1451-1477.
D. Robin.

blankjacketFinding the Mean:
Theory and Practice in Aristotelian Political Philosophy.
S.G. Salkever.

bookjacketThe First Fossil Hunters:
Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Myth in Greek and Roman Times.
A. Mayor.

bookjacketThe Form of Greek Romance.
B. Reardon.

bookjacketThe Fortunes of Apuleius and the Golden Ass:
A Study in Transmission and Reception.
J.H. Gaisser.

bookjacketFounding Gods, Inventing Nations:
Conquest and Culture Myths from Antiquity to Islam.
W.F. McCants.

bookjacket428 AD:
An Ordinary Year at the End of the Roman Empire.
G. Traina.

bookjacketFrom Protagoras to Aristotle:
Essays in Ancient Moral Philosophy.
H. Segvic; M. Burnyeat, ed.

bookjacketThe Gardens of Adonis:
Spices in Greek Mythology (Second edition).
M. Detienne; J. Lloyd, trans.

bookjacketGeminos's Introduction to the Phenomena:
A Translation and Study of a Hellenistic Survey of Astronomy.
J. Evans and J.L. Berggren.

bookjacketGender and Immortality:
Heroines in Ancient Greek Myth and Cult.
D. Lyons.

blankjacketGenealogy of the Tragic:
Greek Tragedy and German Philosophy.
J. Billings.

bookjacketGeorge Seferis: Collected Poems.
G. Seferis; E. Keeley and P. Sherrard, eds.

bookjacketThe Georgic Revolution.
A. Low.

bookjacketThe Glory of Hera:
Greek Mythology and the Greek Family.
P.E. Slater.

bookjacketThe Golden Legend:
Readings on the Saints, Volume I.
J. de Voragine; W.G. Ryan, trans.

bookjacketThe Golden Legend:
Readings on the Saints, Volume II.
J. de Voragine; W.G. Ryan, trans.

bookjacketGreed and Injustice in Classical Athens.
R.K. Balot.

bookjacketGreek and Roman Necromancy.
D. Ogden.

blankjacketGreek Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University:
Greek Originals, Roman Copies and Variants.
B.S. Ridgway.

bookjacketGymnastics of the Mind:
Greek Education in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt.
R. Cribiore, ed.

bookjacketHadrian and the Cities of the Roman Empire.
M.T. Boatwright.

blankjacketHadrian and the City of Rome.
M.T. Boatwright.

bookjacketHerodotus, Explorer of the Past:
Three Essays.
J.A.S. Evans.

blankjacketHomeric Effects in Vergil’s Narrative.
A. Barchiesi; I. Marchesi, et al., trans.

blankjacketThe Homeric Hymn to Demeter:
Translation, Commentary, and Interpretive Essays.
H.P. Foley, ed.

bookjacketHorace, The Odes:
New Translations by Contemporary Poets.
Horace; J.D. McClatchy, ed.

bookjacketHorace's Poetic Journey:
A Reading of Odes 1-3.
D.H. Porter.

bookjacketThe Horsemen of Athens.
G.R. Bugh.

bookjacketHousehold Interests:
Property, Marriage Strategies, and Family Dynamics in Ancient Athens.
C.A. Cox.

bookjacketHouses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum.
A. Wallace-Hadrill.

bookjacketHow to Run a Country:
An Ancient Guide for Modern Leaders.
M. Cicero; P. Freeman, et al., trans.

bookjacketHow to Win an Election:
An Ancient Guide for Modern Politicians.
Q. Cicero; P. Freeman, et al., trans.

bookjacketThe Humanity of Thucydides.
C. Orwin.

bookjacketImages in Mind:
Statues in Archaic and Classical Greek Literature and Thought.
D.T. Steiner.

bookjacketImperialism, Power, and Identity:
Experiencing the Roman Empire.
D.J. Mattingly.

bookjacketImperialism, Power, and Identity:
Experiencing the Roman Empire.
D.J. Mattingly.

blankjacketIn a Different Place:
Pilgrimage, Gender, and Politics at a Greek Island Shrine.
J. Dubisch.

blankjacketIn and Out of the Mind:
Greek Images of the Tragic Self.
R. Padel.

blankjacketIn the Shadow of Olympus:
The Emergence of Macedon.
E.N. Borza.

bookjacketThe Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity.
B. Isaac.

bookjacketJew and Gentile in the Ancient World:
Attitudes and Interactions from Alexander to Justinian.
L.H. Feldman.

bookjacketJewish Symbols in the Greco-Roman Period:
(Abridged Edition).
E.R. Goodenough; J. Neusner, trans.

bookjacketThe Jews of Egypt:
From Rameses II to Emperor Hadrian.
J.M. Modrzejewski; R. Cornman, trans.

bookjacketJung on Mythology.
C.G. Jung; R.A. Segal, ed.

bookjacketKnowledge, Nature, and the Good:
Essays on Ancient Philosophy.
J.M. Cooper.

bookjacketKommos: An Excavation on the South Coast of Crete, Volume I:
The Kommos Region and Houses of the Minoan Town. Part I: The Kommos Region, Ecology, and Minoan Industries.
J.W. Shaw and M.C. Shaw, eds.

bookjacketKommos V:
The Monumental Minoan Buildings at Kommos.
J.W. Shaw and M.C. Shaw, eds.

bookjacketLandlords and Tenants in Imperial Rome.
B.W. Frier.

bookjacketThe Last Pharaohs:
Egypt Under the Ptolemies, 305-30 BC.
J. Manning.

blankjacketThe Life of Roman Republicanism.
J. Connolly.

blankjacketLiterary Language and Its Public in Late Latin Antiquity and in the Middle Ages.
E. Auerbach; R. Manheim, trans.

bookjacketThe Locrian Maidens:
Love and Death in Greek Italy.
J.M. Redfield.

bookjacketLove among the Ruins:
The Erotics of Democracy in Classical Athens.
V. Wohl.

bookjacketLucretius on Death and Anxiety:
Poetry and Philosophy in DE RERUM NATURA.
C. Segal.

Household Archaeology in Prehispanic Bolivia.
M. Bermann.

bookjacketMachiavelli's God.
M. Viroli; A. Shugaar, et al., trans.

bookjacketMakers of Ancient Strategy:
From the Persian Wars to the Fall of Rome.
V.D. Hanson, ed.

bookjacketMaking Christians:
Clement of Alexandria and the Rhetoric of Legitimacy.
D.K. Buell.

bookjacketMaking Men:
Sophists and Self-Presentation in Ancient Rome.
M. Gleason.

blankjacketThe Making of the Ancient Greek Economy:
Institutions, Markets, and Growth in the City-States.
A. Bresson.

bookjacketMaking Silence Speak:
Women's Voices in Greek Literature and Society.
A. Lardinois and L. McClure, eds.

bookjacketMass and Elite in Democratic Athens:
Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Power of the People.
J. Ober.

bookjacketMasters of Fire:
Copper Age Art from Israel.
M. Sebbane, O. Misch-Brandl, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Measure of Civilization:
How Social Development Decides the Fate of Nations.
I. Morris.

Essays on Medea in Myth, Literature, Philosophy, and Art.
J.J. Clauss and S.I. Johnston, eds.

bookjacketMedieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Princeton University Library (Two-Volume Set).
D.C. Skemer.

bookjacketMemphis Under the Ptolemies:
(Second Edition).
D.J. Thompson.

bookjacketMen of Bronze:
Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece.
D. Kagan and G.F. Viggiano, eds.

bookjacketModern Greek Lessons:
A Primer in Historical Constructivism.
J.D. Faubion.

bookjacketMorgantina Studies, Volume I:
The Terracottas.
M. Bell.

bookjacketMorgantina Studies, Volume III:
Fornaci e Officine da Vasaio Tardo-ellenistiche. (In Italian) (Late Hellenistic Potters' Kilns and Workshops).
N. Cuomo di Caprio.

bookjacketMorgantina Studies, Volume IV:
The Protohistoric Settlement on the Cittadella.
R. Leighton.

blankjacketMorgantina Studies, Volume VI:
The Hellenistic and Roman Fine Pottery.
S.C. Stone.

blankjacketMortals and Immortals:
Collected Essays.
J. Vernant; F.I. Zeitlin, ed.

bookjacketMousterian Lithic Technology:
An Ecological Perspective.
S.L. Kuhn.

bookjacketMyth and History in Ancient Greece:
The Symbolic Creation of a Colony.
C. Calame; D.W. Berman, trans.

bookjacketNature Embodied:
Gesture in Ancient Rome.
A. Corbeill.

bookjacketA New Aristotle Reader.
J.L. Ackrill, ed.

bookjacketA New History of Classical Rhetoric.
G.A. Kennedy.

bookjacketA New Stoicism.
L.C. Becker.

blankjacketNothing to Do with Dionysos?
Athenian Drama in Its Social Context.
J.J. Winkler and F.I. Zeitlin, eds.

Ancient Kingdoms of Africa.
G. Emberling.

bookjacketOpen Society and Its Enemies, Volume 1:
The Spell of Plato.
K.R. Popper.

bookjacketOpen Society and Its Enemies. Volume 2:
The High Tide of Prophecy: Hegel, Marx, and the Aftermath.
K.R. Popper.

bookjacketThe Origins of Citizenship in Ancient Athens.
P.B. Manville.

bookjacketThe Origins of Criticism:
Literary Culture and Poetic Theory in Classical Greece.
A. Ford.

bookjacketThe Origins of the Center for Hellenic Studies.
E.N. Lindquist.

blankjacketOrpheus and Greek Religion:
A Study of the Orphic Movement.
W.K. Guthrie; L. Alderlink, ed.

bookjacketOvid's Toyshop of the Heart:
Epistulae Heroidum.
F. Verducci.

bookjacketThe Parting of the Sea:
How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus.
B.J. Sivertsen.

bookjacketPenelope's Renown:
Meaning and Indeterminacy in the Odyssey.
M.A. Katz.

bookjacketPerformance and Gender in Ancient Greece:
Nondramatic Poetry in Its Setting.
E. Stehle.

bookjacketPericles of Athens.
V. Azoulay; J. Lloyd, et al., trans.

blankjacketPersonal Destinies:
A Philosophy of Ethical Individualism.
D.L. Norton.

bookjacketPindar's Mythmaking:
The Fourth Pythian Ode.
C. Segal.

bookjacketPlatonic Noise.
J.P. Euben.

blankjacketPlato's Cretan City:
A Historical Interpretation of the Laws.
G.R. Morrow.

bookjacketPlato's Democratic Entanglements:
Athenian Politics and the Practice of Philosophy.
S.S. Monoson.

bookjacketPlato's Fable:
On the Mortal Condition in Shadowy Times.
J. Mitchell.

bookjacketPlato's Individuals.
M.M. McCabe.

bookjacketThe Play of Space:
Spatial Transformation in Greek Tragedy.
R. Rehm.

bookjacketPlaying Gods:
Ovid's Metamorphoses and the Politics of Fiction.
A. Feldherr.

bookjacketPoetic and Legal Fiction in the Aristotelian Tradition.
K. Eden.

bookjacketPoetic Interplay:
Catullus and Horace.
M.C.J. Putnam.

bookjacketPoetics before Plato:
Interpretation and Authority in Early Greek Theories of Poetry.
G.M. Ledbetter.

bookjacketThe Poetics of Eros in Ancient Greece.
C. Calame; J. Lloyd, trans.

bookjacketPoetry and Myth in Ancient Pastoral:
Essays on Theocritus and Virgil.
C. Segal.

bookjacketThe Poison King:
The Life and Legend of Mithradates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy.
A. Mayor.

bookjacketPolitical Dissent in Democratic Athens:
Intellectual Critics of Popular Rule.
J. Ober.

bookjacketThe Politics of Latin Literature:
Writing, Identity, and Empire in Ancient Rome.
T.N. Habinek.

bookjacketPortrait of a Priestess:
Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece.
J.B. Connelly.

bookjacketThe Pre-Socratics:
A Collection of Critical Essays.
A.P.D. Mourelatos, ed.

A Commentary on the First Book of Euclid's Elements.
Proclus; G.R. Morrow, trans.

bookjacketProlegomena to Homer, 1795.
F.A. Wolf; A. Grafton, trans.

blankjacketProlegomena to the Study of Greek Religion.
J.Ellen Harrison.

Archetypal Image of Human Existence.
C. Kerényi; R. Manheim, trans.

bookjacketPrudes, Perverts, and Tyrants:
Plato's Gorgias and the Politics of Shame.
C.H. Tarnopolsky.

bookjacketPtolemy's Geography:
An Annotated Translation of the Theoretical Chapters.
Ptolemy; J.L. Berggren and A. Jones, trans.

bookjacketPublic Goods, Private Goods.
R. Geuss.

Erotic Epigrams of The Greek Anthology.
D. Hine, trans.

bookjacketPursuits of Wisdom:
Six Ways of Life in Ancient Philosophy from Socrates to Plotinus.
J.M. Cooper.

bookjacketReading the Odyssey:
Selected Interpretive Essays.
S.L. Schein, ed.

blankjacketReason and Emotion:
Essays on Ancient Moral Psychology and Ethical Theory.
J.M. Cooper.

bookjacketRecognizing Persius.
K.J. Reckford.

bookjacketReconstructing the Roman Republic:
An Ancient Political Culture and Modern Research.
K. Hölkeskamp; H. Heitmann-Gordon, et al., trans.

bookjacketReligion in Roman Egypt:
Assimilation and Resistance.
D. Frankfurter.

bookjacketReligions of Late Antiquity in Practice.
R. Valantasis, ed.

bookjacketReproducing Athens:
Menander’s Comedy, Democratic Culture, and the Hellenistic City.
S. Lape.

bookjacketRethinking Sexuality:
Foucault and Classical Antiquity.
D.H.J. Larmour, P.A. Miller, et al., eds.

bookjacketRethinking the Other in Antiquity .
E.S. Gruen.

bookjacketThe Rise of Christianity:
A Sociologist Reconsiders History.
R. Stark.

bookjacketRoman Eyes:
Visuality and Subjectivity in Art and Text.
J. Elsner.

bookjacketRoman Republics.
H. Flower.

bookjacketRoman Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University.
J.M. Padgett, ed.

bookjacketRoman Sexualities.
J.P. Hallett and M.B. Skinner, eds.

Profile of a City, 312-1308.
R. Krautheimer.

bookjacketSamothrace, Volume 11:
The Nekropoleis.
E.B. Dusenbery.

bookjacketScholastic Magic:
Ritual and Revelation in Early Jewish Mysticism.
M.D. Swartz.

bookjacketThe School of Libanius in Late Antique Antioch.
R. Cribiore.

bookjacketSelected Poems:
Odes and Fragments.
Sophocles; R. Gibbons, trans.

bookjacketSemitic Words in Egyptian Texts of the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period.
J.E. Hoch.

bookjacketThe Senate of Imperial Rome.
R.J.A. Talbert.

bookjacketThe Sense of the Past:
Essays in the History of Philosophy.
B. Williams; M. Burnyeat, ed.

bookjacketThe Seven Hills of Rome:
A Geological Tour of the Eternal City.
G. Heiken, R. Funiciello, et al.

blankjacketSexing the World:
Grammatical Gender and Biological Sex in Ancient Rome.
A. Corbeill.

bookjacketSexual Symmetry:
Love in the Ancient Novel and Related Genres.
D. Konstan.

bookjacketThe Shield of Homer:
Narrative Structure in the Illiad.
K. Stanley.

bookjacketSilence in the Land of Logos.
S. Montiglio.

bookjacketThe Sin of Knowledge:
Ancient Themes and Modern Variations.
T. Ziolkowski.

bookjacketSlaves Tell Tales:
And Other Episodes in the Politics of Popular Culture in Ancient Greece.
S. Forsdyke.

bookjacketSlaves, Masters, and the Art of Authority in Plautine Comedy.
K. McCarthy.

blankjacketSocrates on Trial.
T.C. Brickhouse and N.D. Smith.

bookjacketSocratic Citizenship.
D. Villa.

bookjacketThe Sorrows of the Ancient Romans:
The Gladiator and the Monster.
C.A. Barton.

bookjacketSound, Sense, and Rhythm:
Listening to Greek and Latin Poetry.
M.W. Edwards.

bookjacketSpoken Like a Woman:
Speech and Gender in Athenian Drama.
L. McClure.

bookjacketThe State of Speech:
Rhetoric and Political Thought in Ancient Rome.
J. Connolly.

bookjacketThe Status and Appraisal of Classic Texts.
C. Condren.

bookjacketStatus in Classical Athens.
D. Kamen.

Results of the Joint American-Yugoslav Archaeological Investigations, 1970-1981: Volume 1: The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery.
V.R. Anderson-Stojanović; J. Wiseman, ed.

blankjacketThe Story of the Odyssey.
S.V. Tracy.

bookjacketStudies in Greek Philosophy, Volume I:
The Presocratics.
G. Vlastos; D.W. Graham, ed.

bookjacketStudies in Greek Philosophy, Volume II:
Socrates, Plato, and Their Tradition.
G. Vlastos; D.W. Graham, ed.

bookjacketSubjecting Verses:
Latin Love Elegy and the Emergence of the Real.
P.A. Miller.

bookjacketThe Symptom and the Subject:
The Emergence of the Physical Body in Ancient Greece.
B. Holmes.

bookjacketTacitus and the Tacitean Tradition.
T.J. Luce and A.J. Woodman, eds.

bookjacketThe Therapy of Desire:
Theory and Practice in Hellenistic Ethics.
M.C. Nussbaum.

bookjacketThrough the Eye of a Needle:
Wealth, the Fall of Rome, and the Making of Christianity in the West, 350-550 AD.
P. Brown.

W.R. Connor.

An Introduction for the Common Reader.
P. Zagorin.

bookjacketTime, History, and Literature:
Selected Essays of Erich Auerbach.
E. Auerbach; J. Porter, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Tradition of Return:
The Implicit History of Modern Literature.
J.M. Perl.

bookjacketTragedy and Theory:
The Problem of Conflict Since Aristotle.
M. Gellrich.

bookjacketThe Tragedy of Political Theory:
The Road Not Taken.
J.P. Euben.

bookjacketTragic Pleasures:
Aristotle on Plot and Emotion.
E.S. Belfiore.

bookjacketUnderstanding Terence.
S.M. Goldberg.

bookjacketVenom in Verse:
Aristophanes in Modern Greece.
G.A.H. Van Steen.

bookjacketVergil in the Middle Ages.
D. Comparetti; E.F.M. Benecke, trans.

bookjacketVictorian Culture and Classical Antiquity:
Art, Opera, Fiction, and the Proclamation of Modernity.
S. Goldhill.

bookjacketVictorian Sappho.
Y. Prins.

bookjacketVirgil's Elements:
Physics and Poetry in the Georgics.
D.O. Ross, Jr.

bookjacketVirgil's Gaze:
Nation and Poetry in the Aeneid.
J. Reed.

blankjacketVirtues of Authenticity:
Essays on Plato and Socrates.
A. Nehamas.

blankjacketThe Walking Muse:
Horace on the Theory of Satire.
K. Freudenburg.

blankjacketWandering Greeks:
The Ancient Greek Diaspora from the Age of Homer to the Death of Alexander the Great.
R. Garland.

bookjacketWhat's Happened to the Humanities?
A.B. Kernan, ed.

bookjacketWhen a Gesture Was Expected:
A Selection of Examples from Archaic and Classical Greek Literature.
A.L. Boegehold.

bookjacketWhen They Severed Earth from Sky:
How the Human Mind Shapes Myth.
E. Barber and P.T. Barber.

bookjacketThe World of Prometheus:
The Politics of Punishing in Democratic Athens.
D.S. Allen.

bookjacketA Written Republic:
Cicero's Philosophical Politics.
Y. Baraz.

bookjacketXenophon's Imperial Fiction:
On The Education of Cyrus.
J. Tatum.

File created: 7/11/2014

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